Does Vivaldi tracks its users and collect their data?

  • @Ayespy They better. It’s a cruel world out there. Vivaldi might not have bribed the employee, but they sure sold their meat to the mob. I don’t even wanna know the moral of this wicked story.

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    @luetage said in Does Vivaldi tracks its users and collect their data?:

    @Catweazle The problem is the employee of the city council is corrupt and takes bribes. She writes down plate numbers of fancy cars and forwards them to the local mafia. They rob their unsuspecting victims blind and each holiday season they celebrate their dirty deeds in a great get together enjoying nature’s finest meat.

    None of the data that Vivaldi collects can be related to a certain user, therefore it cannot affect privacy either.
    The data it collect, does not even have any other possible use than purely statistical and technical.

    x users with Windows
    x users with Linux
    x users with Mac
    x users Android
    x users from EU, USA, Japan....
    and so on, statistical values, numbers, no privacy lacks

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    😱 ⚠ Please let us stop the off topic about meat, corrupt council employees!

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