Custom search, let us use certain variables?

  • I'd love to be able to include the current domain inside the custom search string. As it is now, the custom search string inserts the search query where the "%s" appears. For cases such as searching only within the current domain, it would be useful if I could write something like{domain} Resulting in whenever I typed, for instance, "gss" (for google site search) it would restrict my search to whichever domain I was currently at. Currently I have to make one custom search for whichever site I want to do this. Another part is the current search field at the top corner, I think that would be better used if the default search for that was exactly the search I proposed above. I think everyone knows that you can basically just type what you need into the address bar, at least anyone using Vivaldi (we can assume it's mostly powerusers using V, right?). I did suggest this for Opera a good while back, but it was never implemented.

  • Yes Vivaldi needs this domain variable feature at least for the given example to limit google search to current domain.

  • The format that Firefox uses for search plugins allows for custom variables, but I don't know how flexible it is. Can you access the current URL? Can insert JavaScript? Can you access the DOM of the current page?

  • This works when used in the address bar.

    It does not work when used via right-clicking.

    Does anyone know why?

    javascript:location.href=''+window.location.hostname+' %s';

  • @rseiler Until someone figures out why the previous post doesn't work on a right-click, there's an extension that will:

  • It's a pity Vivaldi still didn't add this feature.

  • Moderator

    Did you have sent a Feature wish to Vivaldi bugtracker or posted at

  • Why not use a bookmarklet?

    Make a new bookmark, with e.g.

    Title: Site Search
    Address: javascript:location.href=''+window.location.hostname+' '+window.getSelection();
    Nickname: ss

    You can then select some text on a page, press either F2 or F8, type ss, and press Enter.

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