Crash report

  • By opening File-> Import data, Vivaldi crashes.

  • Hi, I've seen this reported twice before now, and I was experiencing the same thing a few weeks ago. I was able to work around it by signing into Vivaldi the same way you would sign into Google Chrome at this address: vivaldi://chrome-signin

    After that, you can use the built-in Chrome bookmark manager at chrome://bookmarks to import your bookmarks.

  • Thanks….but Chrome is not installed on my computer, I use Opera Chromium and trying to switch to Vivaldi. I managed to export bookmarks to html but have no intention of installing Chrome to utilize the suggested process. I'll wait until the 'import data' feature is working (this is the right thing to do) and then attempt to make the switch. As an established & traditional Opera user I can't wait to use the 'familiar' Vivaldi as my default browser.
    Thanks again!

  • Hello again, I don't have Chrome installed right now either. And trust me when I say that I would absolutely never advise anyone to use Google Chrome for any reason whatsoever. A friend of mine once actually asked me how he could recover a password for an account he had lost using Google Chrome, the first thing I said to him was, "Install a real browser." I believe it is destroying web browsers for the world, but I digress.

    Vivaldi is built on the same engine as Google Chrome, so it has a lot of leftovers from Google Chrome itself - including the bookmark manager. My suggestion was not for you to launch Google Chrome and use its bookmark manager (if I was going to suggest using a different browser for managing bookmarks, my suggestion would have been Maxthon), it was to type the address 'chrome://bookmarks' into Vivaldi's address bar. Doing so should take you to the page in the screenshot below.


    From there, you can click on "Organize" to get a drop down menu, and from that menu, you can select, "Import bookmarks from HTML file" in order to solve the problem you are having.

    If that doesn't work, it is probably because you didn't sign into Vivaldi. So the following address, when typed into Vivaldi's address bar, should take you to the page in the screenshot below: vivaldi://chrome-signin


    This is not how the process of importing your data is intended to work, but until the Vivaldi devs' fix whatever is causing people to crash when trying to import their data, this is a functioning workaround. I am sorry that my initial instructions were not clear enough.

  • Now you've made yourself perfectly clear! I followed the instructions and problem solved! Thanks again and finally I'm ready to switch to Vivaldi!

  • No problem, happy to help 🙂

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