Move Add Active Tab Back to the Top of the Menus

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    In earlier builds, the add active tab item was at the top of the menus as it is in Opera 12.18. Some users would like an option to remove it, but if it is there it should be at the top.

    Add Active Tab.png Opera Bookmark Bar Folder Menu.png

    It is much more efficient to add bookmarks quickly to Bookmark Bar folders. If it is at the bottom, the folders are of different heights so you never know where to move the mouse.

    Currently, if there is an item beginning with A, (e.g. Blog Admin) it is immediately triggered and Add Active Tab is never triggered.

    If Add Active Tab were moved back to the top, using the keyboard access key A will trigger the command unless there are items beginning with A, in which case, A, Enter must be used.

  • Could you please edit the request to have an option to move it? I think you know about the opposite request.

    Also, if the bookmarks bar is at the bottom, for mouse users it's reversed.

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    @potmeklecbohdan The option to move it (or remove it) is covered by the request to allow editing of menus.

    The behaviour is bugged because access keys do not work, and accessing the item breaks Fitts' Law.

    In the less common case of the Bookmarks Bar being at the bottom, the access key is still broken, though access with the mouse becomes easy, as it should be.

  • @Pesala That makes sense. And what about up arrow and enter (as a workaround)? I don't think that it's useful to move something there and back and break users' habits with every version.

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    @potmeklecbohdan It should never have been moved in the first place. It was only moved because some users made a lot of noise. Now it is broken.

    Up arrow, Enter is an OK workaround,

  • AS a longtime user but a noob in all this I very much like to put the "add active tab" to the top again. It's just much more easy to use that way

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    @Shivas58 This change was made for version 2.5, so I doubt if it will be changed back again.

    It is unfortunate when changes break a well designed feature.

    We will have to wait for the option to Allow Editing of Menus, which is the most upvoted feature request, and also one of the oldest, going back well before the start of the current feature request forum.

  • @Pesala Vivaldi is all about user customization. So everybody is happiest by adding a new option that allows users to choose the placement location of "Add Active Tab" in the context menu..."None", "Top", "Bottom" or "Nearest to Clicked Folder".

    None - does not appear in list
    Top - always appears at top of list
    Bottom - always appears at bottom of list
    Nearest to Clicked Folder (perhaps the default setting)

    • appears at top of list if the Bookmarks Bar is aligned at the top
    • appears at bottom of list if the Bookmarks Bar is aligned at the bottom

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    @ankor An option in settings is not the right way to fix this broken menu.

    Options are good, but not for each item on every menu. For example, a lot of users were complaining about Open Link in Background Tab not being the first item on the link context menu. An option for each possible menu arrangement soon becomes ridiculous. An option for the Bookmarks Bar on the sides is a sensible request.

    For rearranging toolbars and menus, customisation is the right route to take.

  • @Pesala As I understand it, Vivaldi prides itself on its power through customization and well deserved given my experience over 3 weeks of using it.

    And when you get down to it, edit of menus for user control of their contents is just another more specific, more complex extension of options.

    The option to make "Add Active Tab" appear at the top or bottom of the list is a very simple implementation. The development of the ability for users to control the content of menus and context menus is no small undertaking. Kudos to making it happen though.

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    @ankor said in Move Add Active Tab Back to the Top of the Menus:

    edit of menus for user control of their contents is just another more specific, more complex extension of options.

    Editing of menus is a less specific, more flexible option, and the only way to go for this. As you say, Vivaldi prides itself on customisation.

    Given the extreme age of this feature request, I surmise that it would take a lot of work, but offering a myriad of different options for menu arrangements to try to please everyone would also take a lot of work, plus it would break the Setting dialogue so badly that no one would be happy with the outcome. It would require an entire new section just for the menu options.

  • @Pesala I agree that Options can get out of control and I suspect developers are cautious and hesitant to add more without careful consideration. I don't blame them for that.

    My background is in software development and I assure you the time it would take to add what's necessary in Options along with its implementation would take little time (easily less than an hour). User editing and customization of menu contents is easily days and more like weeks of development. But the decision to give the go-ahead can be a hurdle and that can be a very healthy thing.

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    Add Active Tab can now be moved back to the top of the Bookmark Menus or disabled entirely.

    Customise Bookmarks Menu.png

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    This is now DONE. Editing of the main menus is available in the Stable build.

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