Vivaldi does not show up

  • Hi, I am constantly failing to start Vivaldi. The installation of Vivaldi on a Win7/64 PC worked fine. When I try to start Vivaldi, only an icon in the taskbar appears and a pop-up window shows up when I hover over the traskbar icon. But no window appears. 1) I tried following versions: Vivaldi_TP4. Vivaldi. Vivaldi. None of them worked. 2) I also updated the graphic driver. Has anyone an idea, what I could try next? Many thanks in advance. DP

  • You didn't mention any look into the task manager. Once I had there residual tasks of Vivaldi which could only be stopped via the command 'taskkill' with administrator rights. Stopping them was the way to get Vivaldi running again.

  • Hi RJules3,

    thank you for your response.
    I tried that, but it was not the issue.

    In the meantime I found out, it is an old Windows 7 Bug. The dialog opens on a not existing screen.

    The workaround is:

    1. Right click on the task bar icon.
    2. Select 'Move'
    3. Move with the arrow keys to the right or left.
      Result: The window will be moved to your screen.

  • Good to hear that! Never had I suspected the operating system itself. I thought Microsoft's products to be manufactured perfectly. 😉

  • @SWAN.dp:

    … I found out, it is an old Windows 7 Bug. The dialog opens on a not existing screen. ...

    Good find! I haven't seen that particular Win7 hiccup occur in 4 or 5 years. Apparently, under some undefined circumstances, an installed software may get initially positioned off-screen with some extreme position-vector value so on the screen it looks as if it doesn't exist or never opened. It's something to keep in mind for future fails-to-appear troubleshooting ideas.

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