How to save as HTML, not MHTML

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    Currently, when I save a web page, it saves as a single page HTML, but Vivaldi always makes the file extension "MHTML", even though it doesn't save as an MHTML file. How can I change Vivaldi so that it gives web pages that it saves the "HTML" file extension?

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    @ugcheleuce That is a known bug, just use .html as file extension and all should be fine.

  • @Gwen-Dragon
    I "really like VIVALDI", and it has already replace my previous FF.
    But I wish this bug could be fixed, as noted by ugcheleuce above!
    It really could just be solved by simply adding a simple check box choice in the settings app.
    Save Page as [Webpage, Complerte (.htm;.html]
    [Webpage, Single File (*.mhtml)}
    [Default, Let User Select Choice]
    Why not let the user decide what they want on the Settings page.
    Because when ever I 'accidentally' save a web page in mhtml, I always end up getting the DEAD BIRD, when I try to open it again. Page is lost!
    The Save Page as Selection doesn't work right. In order to save a page as html , you always have to first select mhtml and then html before you save the page, else it always saves as mhtml. and you get the DEAD BIRD!
    Either that, or vivaldi really needs to fix the problem of the dead bird issue.
    I am beginning to really hate Save Page as mhtml, because it's not reliable and is not working, and always causes me a bunch of extra work in recovery. Can some one please seriously look into this.
    Other then that problem, vivaldi is really turning out to be my browser of choice. A really fine browser!

  • @ugcheleuce

    I have found that it screws up the file when it adds the "M" to the file type, and that the drop down "Save as" menu shows (*htm; *html)" as the options, but the file NAME defaults to MHTML, so it's what is screwing everything up. I manually change that to "html" and it saves it as it should.

    As a side note. I searched this very topic on Vivaldi's main search button and also the forum search and the site told me No Results, LOL. I go to google and theres TONS of results, which is how I found this.

    As usual, Vivaldi needs to pay attention to the users, but doesn't.

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    @ajenn said in How to save as HTML, not MHTML:

    As usual, Vivaldi needs to pay attention to the users, but doesn't.

    I find they pay more attention to users than any software company in the known universe.

    Regrettably, the size of the team as compared to the size of the job can make them unable to respond to everything timely. Not unwilling, unable. When you're repairing one section of the dike while building a new one, a leak a half mile away is going to go unattended, possibly for a long time.

  • I vaguely remember there was a setting hidden somewhere in Cromium/Chrome (flags?) where the user could change this default file type selection.
    I wonder if anyone knows this or I'm confusing it with something else?

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