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    People that have never had a regular free WordPress site may not have had the same confusion as I did, so this may help to clarify things for other people.

    The mystery of why Akismet was not working on my Vivaldi blog is now clear.
    Akismet used to be enabled by default in Wordpress blogs without the need for an API key, but at some point they changed the requirement.
    Still works fine on my real WP site and I have never made a key for it, but here you will need one.

    Getting a free API key involved signing into Akismet with an existing wordpress .com account.
    Thankfully I already have one so logged in with that.

    Once you have logged into the Akismet site and go to create your API key you must select the option for choosing the price you want to pay.
    It will already have a price set on the slider on the right side of the page.
    Drag the slider to 0 and you will see the panel on the left change to show 3 tick-boxes, where you agree that your blog is not used for business and does not have adverts.

    Now you can type or paste your non wordpress .com blog address into the space provided, and generate your key for pasting into the Akismet section in your blog management page.

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