A new user feedback and questions.

  • Hi! I was very happy to learn yesterday that someone is developing a browser that reminds the good old Opera, and I installed it immediately. Here's my feedback: 1. When I try to go to an adress like vivaldi://chrome/settings/extensions, the browser crashes (tried TP4 and which I use now) 2. I do REALLY need the Roboform extension to work, now it is "kind of" installed, but in fact no way I can use it WOW! I didn't do anything, but the browser just refreshed the page and published my thread, and I am not finished yet 🙂 3. What is the link to the most stable version to download? Is latest TP the one? 4. Are the notes synchronized at the Vivaldi site at the moment? 5. It would be good to have an option to store the notes in an optional folder, like Dropbox or Yandex disk. 6. "File - Import" also crashed the browser. Generally, if there are synchronizable notes, compatibility with Roboform, and less crashes, I'd use Vivaldi day and night. 🙂 Thanks guys for you work!

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    You can always find the latest (and to my mind the best all-round) versions here: https://vivaldi.net/en-US/blogs/teamblog

  • Welcome to Vivaldi 😃

    1. Extension settings are here: vivaldi://extensions
    2. What Ayespy said.
    3. Notes seem to stored locally in this directory: %localappdata%\Vivaldi\User Data\
    4. This was happening for me too a few weeks ago. I had to sign into Vivaldi with my Google account (as if it was Chrome) at this address: vivaldi://chrome-signin - then I used the Chrome bookmark manager: chrome://bookmarks - to import my bookmarks.

    Not all Chrome extensions work with Vivaldi right now - especially extensions that add buttons to the interface.

    You can find a lot of Vivaldi's internal URLs here: vivaldi://vivaldi-urls

    There's a thread about things you can do to customize Vivaldi here.

  • Welcome!

    As you go forward in using VIvaldi, please keep in mind that it's presently a young work-in-progress. There are those who would argue that in its Tech Preview state, it's not even what some would call an alpha version. Semantics aside, the most stable version will be the most recent Tech Preview version (currently TP4), with the ~weekly development builds being the versions where most new things are tried out and put up for user comments (but with occasional corresponding stability issues or things getting broken).

    A number of features have yet to be 'fleshed out', extensions being one of them (many extensions can be installed and 'work', but their detailed controls have yet to be integrated into bar displays, etc). An integrated eMail program is yet to come. Sync is yet to come. Many user-flexible options are yet to come (but will arrive eventually). As major features get added or upgraded, other existing things (including stability) may be impacted for a time. In using their GUI overlay concept to control and tame the Blink rendering engine, a lot of the work for Vivaldi's developers involves plowing new ground, so it will take some time to conceive, execute and get it all to play nicely together.

    Given that Jon and others on the Vivaldi team hearken from the days and/or philosophy of 'good old Opera' plus Jon's stated purpose for Vivaldi being to recover much of the flexibility of that browser "for his friends", things remain encouraging for the months to come.

  • Thank you for your kind responses, guys!
    Just upgraded my Roboform, and when I open a site that has stored passwords, the pop-up window pops up 🙂 Which is basically all I want.
    I can only wish to myself and all the good people on the planet 🙂 that this great project will develop. I've just made Vivaldi my default browser.
    Thank you, guys, again!

    PS oh I have a question: what is the function of the tick box called something like "Always launch" in the Plugins settings (Instruments - plugins)? What does it do?

  • @SVGuss:

    … PS oh I have a question: what is the function of the tick box called something like "Always launch" in the Plugins settings (Instruments - plugins)? What does it do?

    If I understand your description correctly, that setting allows a given plug-in to be activated all the time or automatically, as opposed to only running upon manual demand. In the case of media retrieved by the browser, with that setting ticked for the appropriate media plug-in, the media will auto-open or play as soon as loaded, rather than pausing to ask if the user wants to open it with the plug-in. Some users prefer that media ask user permission before opening, particularly Flash media (given Flash's vulnerability history and its use in web ads containing occasional malicious embedments). I'm less than fully convinced that un-ticking the box is 100% effective regarding Flash, based on some odd things I've seen occasionally.


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