Lost... Download & Notes Panel items

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    OK this is probably my own fault.
    I had too many web panels and some got lost so from info I found here on the forums I went to the View Menu item and turned them (Download & Notes) off. Later I Prioritized and deleted some lesser used Web Panels thinking I could reverse the hidden Download & Notes later.
    Well now is later an no matter what I do I cannot seem to get these items back. View Menu item and turn them (Download & Notes) on does not seem to do anything.
    I know there is already a Feature Request for a slider for better control of Web Panel visibility. How about being able to Widen the Panel as an alternative for those in a similar position?

    These are now features I need and depend on. If we are going to have these features we must be able to have access to all of them not just a select few.

    Anybody have any suggestions? All are greatly appreciated.

    I can't even get at my notes as it seems encrypted for Vivaldi use only. (Actually a Good thing.)

  • @greybeard The panels cannot be turned off from the View menu. That only focuses the selected panel.

    To enable/disable panels, right-click on the Panel Toolbar.

    Shortcuts can be assigned to Next Panel and Previous Panel in Settings, Keyboard, View. That will let you navigate to additional panels that are out of sight.

    Panel Shortcuts.png

    How about being able to Widen the Panel as an alternative for those in a similar position?

    The width of the panels can already be changed, but it does not solve the problem if you have too many for the vertical space on your monitor. Changing UI Zoom to less than 100% could help to show one or two more, but it's not an ideal solution.

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    @greybeard Did you right-click on the panel and check the "hidden" panels? that should make them appear.

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    @Ayespy Thanks!! That did it.

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    @Pesala said in Lost... Download & Notes Panel items:

    The panels cannot be turned off from the View menu

    When I was learning programming (admittedly, in the last millennium) I was always taught that the convention of commands in something like the the "View" (or any other) menu item was either to open a sub-menu for related commands tor to toggle on/off visible features like Downloads, Bookmarks, Notes,Status bar,etc...
    This being disabled in the View menu makes it redundant there. Is this a bug?
    According to the View menu, the Underlined Letters should invoke the command with the Alt+V keys. I should be able to access this toggle by:
    Alt+V then hit the "N" key. The Notes should either appear or disappear.
    That is the way I was told to understand the Menu system anyway and that is the way it works in all my other programmes.
    Perhaps it is because these panels are such a new thing they must be handled in a different way?

    I'd just like to understand what is going on when something is not working as (I) expected.

    Vivaldi 2.7.1628.26 (Official Build) (64-bit)
    Revision e0cefd8799bf638e1ad3f6f46e71d9f6959803db
    OS Windows 10 OS Version 1903 (Build 18362.295)
    JavaScript V8 7.6.303.29

  • @greybeard The underlined letters can be used to view the panels. Note that there are tick marks by the other items like the Status Bar, which can be turned off/on, but icons by the Panel items, which cannot be turned off from there.

    Vivaldi View Menu.png

    If a panel is disabled, its item in the view menu does nothing. That might be regarded as a bug.

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    @Pesala @Ayespy Many Thanks for the clarification!

  • @Ayespy There is no "hidden panels" on my Web Panel.

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    @lamarca They are "hidden" because the user can't see them. User can't see them because they are unchecked in the panel context menu.

  • @Ayespy After replying I thought the cause was the web panel ran out the space. Too late for editing.

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    @lamarca In this case it was simply a matter of the user unchecked them, thus hiding them, and when he checked them again, they came back.

  • @Ayespy And what if the hidden content was an icon ( [⋮] )? Your UI got more ........ shortcuts;)?

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    @lamarca I don't think that question applies to this thread. This is just a user hiding default panels and trying to figure out how to reveal them again.

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    @lamarca Possibly you don't have enough Web Panels. Add several more trivial panels you won't feel bad about deleting later. The gear at the bottom for Settings will disappear..
    Add another then Rt click over the Web Panels. It should now be in the context menu as there are now "hidden" panels.
    That is the way I'd have programmed the context menu to work anyway.

  • @greybeard Absolutely. I am strongly favor performance and simplicity.

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