Unable to recover a deleted session. Need help.

  • Hi,
    I deleted a session (session was saved a week earlier). The tabs are not there in History / Closed tabs.
    I checked in "sessions" folder, the "bin" file is missing. I also tried many data recovery software but no use.
    Is there any other way to restore the deleted session file ?

  • @Rafale The pages should be in History, unless you cleared it or were in a private window. The only other things I can think of are to use the trashcan on the tab bar, search your disk for .bin files in case it got moved, check the Recycle bin, and check your backups if you make any or if your work/college does. I don't know anything about Sync but if you use it, there's a chance it might back up sessions perhaps.

  • Thanks for your reply. Still trying to recover the deleted session. A recycle bin would have been very helpful.

    Also I'm re-installing OS in my PC. What is the best way to backup and restore the session files ?
    A simple Copy and Paste of "bin" files is the right way to do it ?

  • Ambassador

    @Rafale said:

    A simple Copy and Paste of "bin" files is the right way to do it ?

    That will do. If you archive them with 7-Zip that will give an backup that will protect you against the *.bin files being deleted or corrupted.

  • Thanks a lot for clarifying 🙂

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