What happens to tabs/sessions in multiple windows in the event of a crash?

  • I'd like the option to organise different tasks/projects in different browser windows. The only thing that puts me off is uncertainty over what happens to these multiple sessions if Vivaldi crashes or I get a BSOD. Does Vivaldi cope with this and resurrect the windows on restart, or does it only save the session from one window? If the latter, it would put me off from trying to work this way.

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    @rf10 Vivaldi should keep track of your sessions as you browse. If your PC or Vivaldi crashes completely, it will remember the last session it saved. I'm not sure exactly how often it saves sessions, but it should remember all open windows.

    If you're apprehensive, you can force vivaldi to save a session:

    • Press F2 to open Quick commands
    • Type session
    • Pick "Save open tabs as session"

    Then if you follow the instructions you can be sure that a copy will be remembered. You can save as many sessions this way as you like.

  • @LonM Thanks, that sounds good. However, because it's a fairly critical issue, and is not really feasible to test (I really don't want to crash the browser deliberately), I wonder if it's possible to get a definitive answer from the Vivaldi devs on this? Not sure if they read the forum, or how to ask them a question direct. Saving sessions manually has its uses, but doesn't address this situation.

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    @rf10 I don't use multiple windows very often but I remember I've had the browser opening to multiple windows a couple of times after a BSoD in an occasion where I was using another window.

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    I've had two Vivaldi windows open om my desktop for months. Haven't lost a single tab due to crashes during that time (not sure if I have had a BSoD, but Vivaldi itself has crashed occasionally).

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    @rf10 It should update continually (at least in my experience) - I can double check with the devs though.

  • @LonM Thanks LonM, that would be brilliant. So the question would be - If you have several (non-private) windows open, with multiples tabs in each window, would Vivaldi reliably re-create all the windows when it restarted after a crash?

    Thinking about it, there's also the question of what I would need to do manually if I closed Vivaldi down myself with several windows open. I suppose I'd have to save each window as a separate session before closing the last window, but that really is a separate issue (and one that I see is discussed many times on the forum).

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    @rf10 I passed your question on, but the devs are usually busy, and certainly won't respond until Monday.

    For the last point, I can tell you that if you go to the main menu > file > exit that will quit all windows and keep that session for the next time you start Vivaldi.

    If you do that instead of pressing the close button on each window you won't have to individually save sessions.

  • @LonM Ah, I didn't know about File/Exit being different to closing windows separately. That makes sense and really helps, thank you!

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