How to get a blank 'new tab'?

  • Sorry if this has been covered already, but I looked in search and didn't find anything specific.
    I'd like to get my new tab screen which has only my background image on it, no suggestions or search options.
    Is that possible, if so, how?

  • Strange, I don't see either suggestions or search options in the new tab screen (the speed dial page). Once I start typing a URL, suggestions and search options appear in the dropdown, but not in the tab itself.

  • @sgunhouse oops, maybe I mean start page?

  • Go to Tools > Settings. You can click on Start page to see the settings for that, or on Tabs to see settings for new tabs. But new tabs won't have a background unless you're using the start page as the new tab page - otherwise they would actually be blank, or whatever you've set as your homepage.

    The start page includes whatever bookmarks you've put in your Speed Dial folder(s), plus links for the bookmarks manager and history pages, I suppose if you want you could empty the folder and see what that does.

  • You can use this @Gwen-Dragon's modification to hide the top bar (read how to use it here)

    .startpage .startpage-navigation {
        display: none;

    the “suggestions” can be removed by going to bookmarks (Ctrl+B) and right-clicking the folder which has four squares in its icon and unticking “Use as Speed Dial”.

    Another solution (by @LonM) is to write a simple HTML file and use it as homepage/new tab page (file:///C:/path/to/file.html).

  • @sgunhouse this is what my start page says in settings, is that correct, if so why do I get speed dial?


  • @barrym this my start page, with the background image I ant to use, without the speed dial icons.


  • Did you see anything there that said "Hide speed dial"? No, it isn't there.

    Go to Manage Bookmarks and select your speed dial folder (the folder that shows squares in its folder icon). On the right hand column where it lists the properties of the selected item, you'll see there's a checkbox with the label "Speed Dial" - clear that checkbox. Now you have no speed dial.

    Actually, I see you have two speed dial folders from your photo (both named "Speed Dial"). You'll need to do the above to both of them.

  • @barrym Another route is to open the Bookmarks Panel, right-click on the Speed Dial folder(s) and select "Remove from speed dial."

    Remove from Speed Dial.png

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