Tabs stretched down.

  • Something I have not seen before with Vivaldi. Happens randomly. At least I can't knowingly make it happen. I have seen it happen once when double clicking on a tab, to delete the tab. Other times it has happened when scrolling on touch screen.

    I correct it by dragging the address bar back up to below the tabs.
    Vivaldi is installed on 2 other computers, not seeing this behavior.
    This is on a new laptop, new install.

    2019-08-13 23.14.50 486568cb206e.jpg

  • @astro46 See Settings, Tabs, Tab Display, Show Tab Thumbnails. If you turn it off you won't be able to drag the separator down or open the thumbnails with double-click or middle-click.

  • @Pesala . thanks, I'll see what happens.

    I must say that they don't seem like thumbnails. If thumbnails is checked and I hover of a tab, I see a normal thumbnail. Even with the pinned tabs, it is a normal thumbnail, not the strange elongated shown in the pic. And, I don't see all of them at once.

    Also, clicking on a thumbnail opens that tab. with these strange elongated "thumbnails" clicking on them does nothing.

  • @astro46 The elongated thumbnails are pinned tabs. Clicking on the elongated thumbnails also focuses that tab.

  • @Pesala I found that clicking on the elongated "thumbnails" did nothing. why would all tabs have thumbnails appearing at the same time? whether I had cursor over tabs or not.

  • @astro46 Because you had "Show Tab Thumbnails" enabled and accidentally clicked on the separator between the tabs and the address bar.

  • Hello there,

    It happened to me. I reverted back after a while. It should work: point the cursor at the Toolbar and move it up.
    Keep in touch

  • @Pesala Yes. that must be it. clicking on the separator. also, I am not used to thumbnails behaving this way: all appearing, constantly visible.
    I will leave them turned off.
    Glad to have this figured out.

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