Bug - Crashing when opening multiple bookmarks in a new window.

  • I'm reporting a bug that I can consistently reproduce... [li]I have 12 bookmarks in my speed dial that I like to open in single click.[/li] [li]From the bookmarks panel (which I have on the right side of the browser), I right-click on the "Speed Dial" folder and choose "Open in New Window."[/li] [li]Instead of opening one window with the 12 bookmarks, 12 separate windows are opened for each bookmark. And each window contains two duplicate tabs.[/li] [li]When I try and close one of the windows, the browser crashes.[/li] [li]When I restart the browser, 11 separate windows are re-opened for each remaining bookmark.[/li] [li]I try and close one of the windows, and again the browser crashes.[/li] [li]Rinse and repeat until all the windows are closed.[/li] [b]Here is my Vivaldi browser info[/b]: Mac OS X - Yosemite 10.10.4 (14E46) Vivaldi (Developer Build) (64-bit) Revision 656b8563c6cead38bd43ec7942afb440d02ca1cb Blink 537.36 (@e9b63a6a8c24e22d2c02b23ed571b22e459291e3) JavaScript V8 Flash

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    Try upgrading to version ( https://vivaldi.net/en-US/blogs/teamblog ) and see how that behaves.

    I suspect the "open multiple bookmarks" function is just something that will have to be developed down the road a bit.

  • FYI … the latest snapshot did not resolve this problem. I can still recreate this issue.


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