"back button" behaviour

  • Sometimes a right click on the back button will show a list of previous pages to choose from and sometimes it simply moves back a page as if it was left-clicked.

  • I think I see…if I hold it for an extra heartbeat, the list comes up BUT you have to hold the button down, move the cursor to what you want to see and then release it - otherwise, it just moves back one page causing a whole, big and blue string of curses.

    SO - is that a "feature" or a stray line of code?

  • OK - wait! It does the same when you left click…that's interesting...I think I LIKE that with a left-click.

    Now, all we need are little pop up icons that indicate "this click has a new function" or "this click isn't necessary" or even "this click has been changed to do _____ (fill in the blank). Try it for just a little while. You might like it!".

  • FYI - I use a trackball which makes right-click navigating a carpal tunnel "adventure".

  • What you are mentioning is the same behavior most every browser has now – I don't really see Vivaldi doing it any differently than how FF or chrome handle the dropdown forward/back list. You hold the button, the menu drops down -- either direction if the direction is available.

    Trackball user too, though I hate the ones in the center. Logitech "under the thumb" or NOTHING – that way all your fingers are free to use the buttons, wheel, etc!

  • Ah! I didn't know they all did that! I've always just right-clicked which does the same thing as click and hold. LOL - they've probably had that function for years and I just never knew it!

    I'm a right-clicker. I'm always looking for more options but right-clicking doesn't appear to be as popular in Linux.

    Not sure about the "under the thumb" trackball…I like a trackball better than a mouse for graphics but my thumb isn't very precise. The pens have improved quite a bit and I'm thinking about getting one of those.

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