"clipboardread" notification in address bar?

  • Why am I getting this notification in my password manager vault page?


    I filed a bug report on this just now: VB-56113.

    I also went into "chrome://settings /content/clipboard", which I wasn't aware existed and found that I'm able to add exceptions and so added my password manager URL to the "enable" list. We'll see if the popup ever returns.

    The thing with the popup was that it was very vague and you could click allow or deny all day long and nothing changed. And then it would just keep returning.

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    @dcmargo54 No idea. Never seen anything like it in Vivaldi.

  • I'd guess it wants to read content of your clipboard and you have chrome://settings/content/clipboard disabled (which is correct).

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    Unfortunately a lot of the more obscure permissions still haven't been given proper popups, as you see here.

    If you file a bug report, that could be useful in keeping track of it.

    For information on how to report a bug, see this URL: https://vvld.in/how-to-report-bugs

    Once that is done, please share the bug number (beginning with VB-). Thanks.

    On the form, you can add your email address. Once submitted, you'll get a confirmation. You can reply to this with any logs or further info.

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