Quick Fix – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1628.12

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    @rseiler May be my used term was not clear enough.

    In my opinion as a user a "pet bug" is a "very important bug for the user", a bug which has high priority for him.

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    @rseiler said in Quick Fix – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1628.12:

    Three hours before it was serious, it was a pet bug.

    I just checked the bug tracker: the issue is bug with high priority, fix in progress.

    /edit : typo

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    I didn't mean to imply that Vivaldi forces its employees to work on the weekend. I just meant that Vivaldi employees shouldn't feel pressured by the us the users to get a snapshot out. We can wait.

    😃 I didn't take it that way. Just wanted to clarify that nobody needs feel sorry for us.

    P.S. And yes, Vivaldi is a great place to work!

  • @ender85: Same for me

  • Unfortunately I keep not seeing any work done on the multiple issues with the developer tools.

    As developer I might not able to keep using Vivaldi as my main unfortunately. I will probably go back to firefox which gives some customization in the new versions.

    It's sad how you let developer tools reach a pain point of almost being useless. I cannot recommend your browser anymore unfortunately. It has great ideas but is not stable enough.

  • Again... the browser is frezee off totally if I import the bookmarks. Need restart but only with the task manager it's possible.
    Microsoft Outlook appears wrongly always then. The e-mail is a side.

    My English knowledge is not good. Excuse me because of this. The English does not know many expression opportunities. 😕 Hungarian language better... LOL!
    There are a couple of mistakes yet but I cannot write it down in English.

    Thank You!

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