Vivaldi crashes on startup.

  • @Gwen-Dragon
    I have Windows defender.
    Windows 10 Home 64bit, late update.
    Now I tried create local user, and there it works.

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    @TheIvan said in Vivaldi crashes on startup.:

    Now I tried create local user, and there it works.

    With other/new Windows account Vivaldi starts?
    Then something is wrong with your Windows user which cause such crash.

  • @Gwen-Dragon
    OK, I maybe found the one software that causes to shut it down every time.
    Its by "Qustodio" On local user I'm not logged, so it didn't cause any problems, and now I tried it disable and now it work fine. Probably it marks Vivaldi as some danger, and stopped it.
    But good news is that we figure it out. Similar software will probably cause it to. It should be good idea to look at it.
    Right now I have opened Vivaldi and it didn't shut down, for whole time I write this message.
    I didn't have an idea that it will by this. I figure it out the way, that I opened task manager and looked at differences between running software. Then tried shut down few differences and it works.
    So thanks you all for your patience.

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    @TheIvan Fine, you found the software caausing this. 🙂

    I will add it to the list of software breaking Vivaldi.

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    @Gwen-Dragon Good deal. This is the second report of this we have seen. Due to misspelling, it was not immediately apparent, as the software is actually "Qustodio" and the first user who experienced this found (with community help) a process they idendified as "QStudio," and this user identified it as "Quostodio," while the actual name is "Qustodio."

    For what it's worth, the word "custodio" is Spanish for "protector," (similar words/meanings in Portuguese and Italian) and "qustodio" would be a "clever" re-spelling of the word.

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