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  • I am a decade long user of Yahoo but have finally got feed up with their upgrades and changes to a very good email system. I think most of us like OUR 'customizations best. So, Vivaldi was suggested to me and am giving it a test run. Couple of observations I would like to turn in to suggestions and see what others think. 1. I find ICONS disconcerting, They are great for training Monkeys, chips, and Gorilla but for humans, we are taught to READ. Sometimes "sign language" does not translate well into English. The Yahoo toolbar has a good feature where you can see the icons OR add the words. This may improve Vivaldi for some of us. Firefox has a similar options in add-ons. 2. I see in preference: [b][color=#ff0044] Signature Options Automatically add signature [/color][/b] But do now see where or how to add or define. Was not thinking about a signature as that can be dangerous because of ID theft and someone copying your signature can be very bad news. But, I like to ADD "sayings" or famous quotes to my name and at the bottom of all of my emails. Hopefully this feature will be added. 3. I sometimes compose large emails and sometimes over several days, I like your AUTO SAVE of Draft but a MANUAL one would be nice to ensure there is no loss. 4. FOLDERS- can we create FOLDERS to file emails in? Do not see any way to do so. 5. IF there is custom folders we can create, another missing feature from most emails is the SEARCH by FOLDER. When you have a large INBOX and you really need to find something and you remember the FOLDER you put it in, or DRAFT, etc, a SEARCH by "folder" would be great instead of one search for ALL emails. 6. One feature I like and do not see is "Marking this email as SPAM" and the address being added to the SPAM filter for the next trashy email. Does Vivaldi have a SPAM filter? There is no folder or is that what JUNK is? I create FOLDERS to file "passwords emails in", etc. Thanks for the opportunity to express myself and hope to get some options and feedback.

  • Vivaldi Team


    Thank you for taking the time bringing us your feature requests. To sum it up and clarify:


    • Icons in the UI optional. Added as a feature request
    • Signature: You can create/edit a signature in the Identities section for your default identity. We will be adding multiple identities in the future.
    • Manual save options for drafts. Added as a feature request.
    • Folders: Go to Setiings > Folders and hit + for a new folder.
    • Search by folder. Added as a feature request.
    • Marking selected messages as spam. Added as a feature request.

  • Thanks for responding but,
    Does "Added as a feature request", mean IS or WILL be added as I can not find.

    not sure what "Icons in the UI optional" means, is it a FUTURE option?

    All I see on my email page is Icons.

  • Vivaldi Team


    It means that it has been added to the list of feature requests from user for future implementation. As for icons, it means that an alternative to icons is added as a feature request..

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