How to save and open groups of tabs in Vivaldi

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    How do you manage groups of tabs that need to stay open for a few sessions but are not “bookmark material”? Here’s how.

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  • is it possible to have session per window and automatically create/update it when tabs in window change? it would be significant improvement and speedup with session working.

  • @gigaparsec: Nope. Sessions, as they are, are statically saved.

    The only thing that comes near, is to use a modification:

  • @gigaparsec I think it would be annoying if sessions changed automatically. One can open a session in a new window or the current window. A session can be saved including all windows or only tabs in the current window.

    Vote for a Sessions Panel to make it easy to manually edit, update, and save sessions.

    If you use Startup with last session, then that session is automatically updated when you exit Vivaldi. That makes perfect sense. It includes all tabs in all open windows.

  • I must have missed when it became possible to select certain tabs to save instead of just everything in a window. Thanks...

  • @pesala: Voted. While reading the blog, I thought how useful sessions manager or sessions panel would be. Thanks for pointing to the request, I've missed it somehow.

  • @Pesala Live Sessions / Automatically saved sessions is the way to go. If you want something static you can use bookmarks which provide the same functionally as the sessions currently do. You can select the tabs (or choose all tabs) to be added as bookmarks und you can open the bookmark folder as a whole. At the moment sessions provide no additional value.

  • @6HRFcBhv said in How to save and open groups of tabs in Vivaldi:

    At the moment sessions provide no additional value.

    Sessions save a lot more information than bookmarks. They store the windows, which monitor they were on, the zoom level and scroll position of each tab, the stacked/tiled status of each tab.

    The current session changes constantly as one browses. To restart wherever one left off is useful, but that is already available with the Startup with Last Session Option. Changing saved sessions automatically would be annoying if some tabs or windows from the opened session has been closed.

  • @Pesala I do a lot of research using a separate session for each topic. at the moment it is a horrible pain to update those sessions when add or remove tabs from them. This should be done automatically!

    That the current session is constantly saved is pretty useless in that case except you have all your sessions open every time (one session to rule them all) and that's not practical.

    The Vivaldi team should make a complete overhaul of the session management and add a switch so that the user can decide whether sessions should be dynamic or static.

  • For me sessions are one of the most important function in browser (former Opera user here ;)).

    In Vivaldi sessions I miss two things (second wasn't also at the Opera):

    • when I try save session, say "my_session" and next save again its create "my_session (2)", it would be better to ask if you want to update it or create a new one
    • something to manage (compare two session, looking for duplicate tab, move tab from one session to another)

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