Ability to name tab stacks

  • In order to make tab stacks most useful, I would like to be able to name any given tab stack. By default, the stack would be named as the topmost tab (as it is now). But maybe I want to call the stack "Tech" or "Music" or something. This way, I would be able to quickly and easily find the stack I'm looking for, just in case the topmost stack doesn't immediately help me remember.

  • This can be done in Opera 12.17 with some Javascript, which I have in my Tab Context menu.

    "Go to page, "javascript:(function(){ var titles=document.getElementsByTagName('title'); var exists = titles.length > 0; if (exists) { var title = titles[0]; } var response = prompt('New tab name:', exists ? title.firstChild.nodeValue : ''); if (response) { if (exists) { title.firstChild.nodeValue = response; } else { var heads = document.getElementsByTagName('head'); if (heads.length==0) { document.getElementsByTagName('html')[0].appendChild(document.createElement('head')); } var title = document.createElement('title'); title.appendChild( document.createTextNode(response) ); document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild( title ); } }})()",,,"Compose Mail""

    It only works until the page is reloaded, but maybe someone can help you get this working in Vivaldi.

  • @RRR13:

    Vivaldi must first get real tab stacks, like Opera 12.17 has, then we can talk extra features.

    It already has real tab-stacks. What extra features would you want to make it more like Opera 12.17?

  • Both would be useful, but no more than being able to rename tab stacks. It just depends on your particular needs and workflow.

    The way that I use tab stacks in Opera 12.17 is to have a single stack of four pinned tabs, which never changes. Other than that, I will create a temporary stack of related tabs for some project. All I would need for that is what I already have in Vivaldi — close stack or ungroup stack. Rename would be a bonus, but I would never need to drag tabs between stacks. I might need to drag a tab out of a stack, but would more likely just want to close that tab. Again, something I can already do.

    There are as many different workflows and priorities as there are users.

  • @RRR13:

    Can you drag a tab out of a stack?
    Can you see contents of two or more tab stacks side by side and redistribute tabs front one stack to another?

    I'm too missing the IMHO basic feature of putting tabs in and out of a stack and to rearrange the order within.
    Currently you even cannot unstack and restack a stack of tabs. Once unstacked you need manually rebuild the stack.
    The option "group similar tabs" might sometimes be useful but definitely not if you can not adjust the content after stacking.
    As soon as you stack more that only a few tabs I'm unable to efficiently handle a stack currently.
    For me the way O12 was handling stacks was almost perfect. I'm patient and hope Vivaldi will improve also in this regard.

  • I would like to call attention to this request again.

  • I completely agree with all of the comments here. I dearly miss the tab stack functionality of Opera 12, including the sorting, organizing, and naming capabilities. It seems like a no-brainer improvement.

  • I just noticed that tab renaming is now available to be activated as a setting.

    Thank you for this! Makes things much better!!

  • you must have not even checked Vivaldi options, because tab renaming was already implemented long time ago.

  • @mercurious
    This is implemented since version 1.6 - which was released 15. dec 2016. To use this feature do the following, go to:

    Settings --> Tabs --> scroll to the section "Tab Stacking" --> tick the box for "Allow Tab Stack Renaming" --> rightclick on a tabstack --> select "Rename Tab Stack" --> done


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