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  • The code for the icon in the tab for pretty much every browser is: [code]<link rel="SHORTCUT ICON" href="foo.ico">[/code] The code (possibly outdated - I'm not buying a Mac just so I can install the latest version of Safari just so I can test this single line of code) for the Apple Touch icon is: [code]<link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="foo.ico">[/code] But, what is the code for Vivaldi's speeddial icons? Or does it just crawl through the page looking for an icon of the right size? What is the right size - Apple's 129px by 129px, or something else? I'm in the process of building a webapp and I'd like the icon in speeddial to look the same as the browser tab icon, only scaled to size (it's an SVG, so resizing will be easy and still result in a clear image, even at ridiculously huge sizes).

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    It is not like old Opera 12 which was reading a special tailored webpage icon.

    For Vivaldi there is not HTML code for the SpeedDial entry/content.
    Currently Vivaldi shows a preview of the loaded page.

    But as i heared internally userdefined user icon for SpeedDial may come.


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