Geolocation not implemented?

  • I've got Vivaldi set up here on this linux box where I'm working on a web project that uses geolocations and when I navigated to the site I had gotten some kind of warning that expressed that geolocation was not "implemented". I was wondering what the status on this was: if it was in the works, not going to be a feature of Vivaldi (or Vivaldi on Linux but included in other OSs), or if I've just overlooked a setting or some configuring?

  • On Win 8.1 Vivaldi is giving the indication "geolocation not implemented" when visiting for instance There is shown how to change the preferences in different browsers. If you try to change 'Location' on 'vivaldi://chrome/settings/content' and open it for all web pages, nothing changes.
    So it's definitely not a 'Linux problem'.
    I think Zoli62's feature request from March 2015 regarding geolocation is still valid. By the way Millerb270 asked already the same question but didn't get many answers. 😉

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    Geolocation is not implemented regardless of OS or settings. Geolocation doesn't look to be a top priority right now, the focus seems to build differentiators from other browsers, maybe when Vivaldi hits Beta.


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