It Happened Again {readding bookmarks}

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    I have not been online the last couple of days. But, here we go again.

    modedit added comprehensive title

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    @Para-Noid happened … what!?

  • @Para-Noid

    Judging by the link you point to, I think it's the Viv initial download bookmarks that come back after some revisions.

    So far, I have heard nothing that denies obtained information that this is a package that could bring Vivaldi profits. And if so, I have nothing anyway to oppose.

    But unfortunately, this package is totally out of interest and hampers my personal bookmarks usage.

    And it's not a complicated technical and laborious operation to erase all my favorites, including existing ones and those that came with a new browser update, and import the backup I keep periodically updated. No more than ten minutes to do this.

    🧚🏼♀ And all back as if nothing had happened.

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    I think that is the way Vivaldi can earn money without having to sell user data, so it does not bother me the little discomfort of deleting bookmarks that do not interest me, At the end of the day it only costs me a few clicks.

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    @Para-Noid your reported bug VB-52492 is still being worked on. It's not an easy and quick fix unfortunately. Thanks for being patient with us. 🙂

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    You are not alone, yesterday my longterm used browser profiles on some Linxu PCs got the already deleted bookmarks.

  • When it comes to financial income for Vivaldi, I think some websites with diverse content would like to advertise them through bookmarks in Vivaldi, due to the quality of the readership.

    That in mind, it was with some regret that I was forced to erase the entire package Vivaldi is sometimes repeating. I tried to compose things. But my browser's Portuguese language mixed with English names and ratings made the composition very uncomfortable. So ... that was the "shovel of whitewash".

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