Reinventing yourself?

  • My name is Tony Bezilla. I'm 50 and I'm hitting the reset button. Time to put away the old and start the new! I'm reinventing myself, venturing out in to new and unchartered territory. I'm quite interested in others who are doing the same. I'll be chronicling my journey here: If you are interested in sharing your story or in following mine, send me a friend request. Looking forward to great things ahead for us all!

  • mid life crisis? the stereotype is that a new sports car helps. just joking. "seek and you will find". good luck.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    David Bowie started early, so he is a master of re-invention.
    I had a few restarts in life and direction over the years, so I have already done my mid-life crisis stuff, which leaves me a problem when that time comes.
    Who knows, maybe I'll start wearing a suit and tie !

  • This is a cool topic B)
    I just turned 40 two last Wednesday. I had a horrible day, crying on my past life. But this is the time of my life when I started a new profession, too. Since September, I am now a schoolteacher in France. What a change !
    I feel late, compare to my friends: no family, no kids … Maybe I will change again everything one day. I would never build anything, though.

  • i think career changes are quite common now. i know in past generations, you'd essentially work with the same company for life (big union stuff). now-a-days its not uncommon for people to have drastic career shifts 5x or more (i read that somewhere … not sure where). i guess you just have to roll with the punches and enjoy life:)

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