Make Bookmark-bar and Speed-dial context aware (or remove from syncing)

  • As a user syncing bookmarks,
    I want to have an instance local (or switchable) setting for the source of the bookmark-bar and speed-dial
    in order to distinguish my browsing experience between work & private

    I use Vivaldi on different machines, one of them being my work laptop. To put it differently, i have two "contexts", like work and private.
    For this reason, using webpanels (that are apparently not synced) helps me a lot to customize my experience.

    While i like to sync my bookmarks, i'd like to point my bookmark bar and the speed-dial to different folders in the bookmarks tree in order to distinguish my work experience from my private one.
    It'd be good, if this setting was not synced along with the bookmarks, or if it could be prominently switched.

  • I replied to your linked post, but I'll +1 all of these related results. This is a bit of frustrating UX that doesn't behave how most users would expect. A global variable to define the profile, under which all of the settings could be locked to the master profile or separated into a different configuration would be much more optimal.

  • An even better idea for synchronizing would be the ability to select which folders to synch (or not), so that the whole works does not synch.

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