Option to turn off password saving disappeared

  • Hey, not quite sure when this happened, of if I missed some announcement, but in the current snapshot ( I can no longer find the option to turn off password saving altogether. Why? Of course Vivaldi still asks me if it should remember a password and lets me choose everytime I enter a password, but those pop-ups get quite annoying after a while... Hoping this will be integrated again soon, Topha

  • Moderator

    I don't recall there ever being such an option. People have been complaining about its absence forever.

  • Now you are scaring me :unsure:

    I am pretty sure there was such an option not too long ago…

  • Looks like another chrome "improvement"

    Anyway look here


  • @The_Solutor:

    Anyway look here


    Thanks 🙂

    Looks like I will have to sort through some of the older snapshots some time to see if my mind is playing tricks on me

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