Using Babylon Translator in Vivaldi

  • [b]Babylon can not make out the italic texts on Homepages in Vivaldi:[/b] I often use the software Babylon (OCR one click translator) when I am reading English homepages. So on the page there is the following italic text section: In Post #32020: "[i]1) I've probably never checked (or noticed) it before - word search (CTRL + F) doesn't work with national chars???.... [/i]" When I click with Babylon on the italic word "[i]checked[/i]" it should make out the word [i]checked [/i]as [i]checked [/i]but it finds the word "efreefced". So I open the same Homepage with Internet Explorer version 8. Here Babylon can make out the italic word "[i]checked[/i]" as checked. Strange. Babylon version Windows 7 32bit Vivaldi Internet Explorer 8 Any experience of other users? [b]Edit:[/b] I have just installed the present Firefox version 39.0. To my surprise Firefox is also not able to make out the word [i]checked [/i]as [i]checked [/i]but Firefox finds the word "efTeefcCcf". What a disappointment.


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