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    When we open a folder of bookmarks via a nickname, the bookmarks are opened in the wrong order. You can test this by creating a test folder like in the above screenshot and add these bookmarks into it and assign a nickname to the folder...


    Nickname: t

    When opening via a nickname, the order of the bookmarks are wrong, like this...
    alt text

    But when opening via a middle click the order is maintained, although it is backwards, like this...
    alt text

    Please fix.

    Also, it would be best if we can get some options to control how a folder of bookmarks is opened. Such as...

    • Option to always open a folder of bookmarks as either foreground or background tabs.
    • Option to maintain tab focus on either the first or last bookmark when opening a folder of bookmarks.
    • Option to open a folder of bookmarks in either ascending or descending order.

    [bug reported VB-55396]

    When opening a folder of bookmarks via a nickname, please make them open in new background tabs by default. This will make the behavior be consistent with middle clicking a folder of bookmarks. It will also help maintain the order of the opened bookmarks.

    [bug reported VB-58690]

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    @TsunamiZ said:

    the bookmarks are opened in the wrong order

    Cannot reproduce.

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  • try testing again after changing your "new tab position" setting to "after active tab".

  • Yeah I have this exact problem as well. Running latest Vivaldi.

  • updated first post with a second related request.

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