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  • Everytime I delete one or more bookmarks, after a certain amount of time (sometimes after 5 seconds, other times after 5 minutes) all the bookmarks I have deleted or moved are back in the folder where they used to be. It doesn't matter if the browser stays open after deleting or if I close it and re-open after I deleted. I have sync on with one other device. Anyone know how to solve this?

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    @saskian Offhand, the only thing I can think of would be if you were to keep both instances of the browser open throughout the sync process, so that both versions would be showing the same data to the server.

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    @Ayespy I suspect that may be the case. I encountered this myself while trying to manage bookmarks on a spotty Internet connection.

  • Maybe similar to an issue they had in Opera? If you didn't empty Trash, bookmarks would reappear in their old places (as well as still being in Trash) after Sync occurred. Mind you, Opera doesn't Sync that quickly ... 5 seconds is downright incredible - though if V syncs every 5 minutes it could have just been poor timing.

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