Bookmarks editing and saving issue

  • Hi, I use dev 64bit and I have a problem with bookmarks. To edit bookmarks is very difficult. I have a problem to drag and drop lines. They are not stored in position where I drop them. I have to repeat it more times. The same when I want to store on side bookmark bar the page from address bar. I can drag it, I can see black line where is supposed to be and drop it but nothing happens. 😞 Any suggestion? Thank you, Martin

  • First, one click on the bookmark to select it then grag the line to the new position. That's it 🙂

  • Yeah, I know. But it doesnt work every time. I need to repeat the action. And specially from address bar I cant save any link. 😞

  • I am running into issues where I try to drag a folder to a new location and it winds up inside another folder. Trying to move it back may or may not fix it, or it may cause it to go inside yet another folder. Part of this may be due to the fact that I have several tabs open and have not exited out of the browser for several days, so its response time is getting sluggish.

    Inside Opera, bookmarks were stored as an HTML file. If I can find where the bookmarks are stored in Vivaldi and if they happen to be an HTML file as well, I'll make a backup and manually edit it myself so I know they are in the exact position I want them to be.

  • Hi, it is not a html (I think xml) file but human readable and stored in:

    Cheers, mib

  • @RJLong,

    This is a known bug. When one item in your bookmarks sidebar is highlighted or selected, but you try to drag a different item to a new location, the initial item is then moved instead.

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