Links in emails and other apps don't always work

  • Just recently started trying out Vivaldi but unfortunately links from other apps don't always work. I use Mailbird for email and most of the time the links in an email won't open in Vivaldi. This is also true with other apps that have links in them. I can immediately switch to Chrome or Firefox and those same links work correctly. From searching this forum that appears to be an ongoing problem. Too bad.

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    1. Set Vivaldi as default browser in Vivaldi Settings → General.
    2. In your Windows Settings → Apps → Standard apps → Settings for Protocol.
      Check which app is set for http and https.

  • I will check that next time the link fails. I just restarted and it is working so far. Thanks

  • Still broken. The protocols are set to Vivaldi but the links aren't opening (in 2 different apps) but when I set defaults back to Chrome they work properly.

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    @mikebtp I see on my Windows 10 Pro (1903) Vivaldi opening links from other programs like Claws Mail, Thunderbird, The Bat! or LibreOffice if Vivaldi is set as default browser.

    I do not know how Mailbird reads Windows settings for https or http protocols.

    May be your issue is a bug.
    Please read how to Report a bug for Vivaldi carefully and then report the bug to Vivaldi bugtracker.

  • It's the same issue with links in the Backblaze app too. At first I thought it was Mailbird but when I switch to Chrome all links work. I'll report the bug.

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