Vivaldi touchscreens support

  • Hi everybody! I saw many of topics about touchscreens support on Vivaldi, but not real answers. But I have the answer. And I am going to share it with you. To begin, Vivaldi is runing onto the Chromium core, is very hopeful for us ! Many core features of Chromium are available on Vivaldi ! For the first step, we need to know the id of our virtual pointer master device : [img][/img] [i]* xinput command is provided by the xorg-xinput package[/i] In my case, it is the number 2. Now, if I try this command, Vivaldi work very well with my touch screen : [img][/img] But, we do not want to use the CLI each time we want to use our amazing browser. For this second step, we need to locate our vivaldi-preview.desktop file. In many case, it is located at : [img][/img] Use your favorite editor to open this file. Write : [img][/img] Instead of : [img][/img] [i]* Require root privileges[/i] At this step we need to reload our desktop environment. Now, enjoy your awesome Vivaldi browser ! Edit : Gestures shortcuts do not work, however. But I never succeeded to use these with my mouse, and my trackpad, too. So sorry for by poor English.


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