Close Tabs Inactive For More Than An Hour

  • Rational: Often times my tabs tend to accumulate over the course of the day. I have really bad tab hygiene. It would be really useful to have a menu option that allows to close out all the tabs you haven't touched in a while, that have been inactive for a certain period of time.

    You click (Close Stale Tabs) and then you drag a slider to select how old the tabs are you want to delete, could be a number of minutes, hours or days. The tabs can change color depending on if they have been selected for closure or not. Then press (OK) to confirm closure.

    A feature inverse of this could be to delete only new tabs.

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    Vivaldi has a way of hibernating tabs, so any that are not in used "go to sleep". You can then identify them by a dim colour if you turn that setting on.

    It's not quite what you're asking, but does that help in the meantime.?

  • I'm looking to remove old tabs from the tab bar, not for them to go into hibernation. Thanks for your help though!

  • @k7gV8Y said in Close Tabs Inactive For More Than An Hour:

    allows to close out all the tabs you haven't touched in a while

    That is IMHO a terrible, terrible idea. A browser shouldn't ever do that without user action.

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    Not a good idea for me either.
    I am often researching all day with dozens of Tabs (sometimes I remember to "Hibernate"some of them).
    For Tabs to close on me without notice would be disastrous.
    This is something, if implemented,

    • it would have to be a toggle with Default = Disabled in the Settings page or
    • preferably hidden in Flags and default setting as Disabled.

    If a user needs this feature they should have to explicitly enable it.

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