Search Field Confusion

  • Vivaldi 2.7.1594.4 (Official Build) (64-bit)
    Revision ff3e94960e56aa513a8699cdaacae58e419a6eb3
    OS Windows 10 OS Version 1803 (Build 17134.829)

    I'm confused regarding use of down arrow to access the dropdown list from the search field. Both of my laptops match the above configuration. On my home laptop, I'm able to use the down arrow to access an select from the Vivaldi search field, but on my work laptop the down arrow doesn't access the list. I have my user profile sync'd between the 2 computers.

    Yesterday I made a copy of my user profile from my home computer and copied it to my work computer and still could not use the down arrow button to access the search field list.

    I'm prolly missing something obvious here, but am unable to find the secret sauce, any idea why it works at home and how to get it working on my other computer?

  • num/caps/scroll lock must be off for the keyboard controls in search field to work, known bug, still not fixed

  • alt text

    Clearly I never noticed that my work computer is set to boot with NumLock enabled. Thanks for the answer, sorry for being a dunderhead!

  • Ambassador

    You are not a dunderhead.

    There is never a dunderhead question.

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