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  • When I bring up the Quick Commands search and type in 'Pan', I get the results of 'Panel Toggle' and below it, 'Panel'. Since I can type in 'Panel ' to get the Panel Toggle command, but there's nothing I can do to bring just Panel to the top, it'd be nice to have it the other way around by default. The current method isn't logical.

  • @drjoelkain To focus the command, press the Tab key.

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    @Pesala Doesn't work. If I write "panel" and press tab, the text changes to "panel toggle" (and the options in the list update accordingly). Pressing the down key, however, works.

  • @Komposten It works for me. Just press Enter to execute the highlighted command.

    Specs: AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 10 64-bit 1809 build 17763.615 • Snapshot 2.7.1594.4 (64-bit)

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    @Pesala drjoelkain wants to execute the Panel command, not the Panel Toggle command. Writing "panel" into QC highlights Panel Toggle, and then enter (or tab + enter) executes that command. Neither results in the Panel command being executed. For this, I have to press down arrow once after writing "panel".

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    To me this seems like a bug. I can't imagine why "panel toggle" would appear first.

    For information on how to report a bug, see this URL: https://vvld.in/how-to-report-bugs

    Once that is done, please share the bug number (beginning with VB-). Thanks.

    On the form, you can add your email address. Once submitted, you'll get a confirmation. You can reply to this with any logs or further info.

  • @LonM said i

    I can't imagine why "panel toggle" would appear first.

    It seems that the commands are listed in the same order that they are arranged in Settings, Keyboard. Alphabetical order might be expected.

    0_1562952838601_Command Order.png

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    @Pesala yes, I would definitely expect at least alphabetical order - for both QC and settings.

  • @LonM It makes no sense at all in settings.

    The order is the same as the order of the panels on the panel toolbar: Bookmarks, Downloads (Mail, Contacts), Notes, History, Window, Web Panel 1-9. The other commands for controlling the panels come before those.

    There is no mileage in changing the order: no benefits, and only some confusion for users who have got accustomed to the current order.

    The commands in Quick Commands could be sorted alphabetically, but the current order is intentional, so not a bug.

  • @Pesala The mileage in it is, as I explained in the OP. As for 'those accustomed to the current order', Vivaldi is meant to be pioneering and forward thinking, not beholden to the likes of 'what has always been, will remain' logic. My suggestion is an improvement, in my opinion, as the current methodology is both illogical and cumbersome.

  • @drjoelkain You should edit the first post to change the thread title so that people can understand what the request is.

    Sort Quick Commands in Alphabetical Order

    I made a feature request for Sort Commands for Mouse Gestures Alphabetically, which would be useful when displaying them as a list.

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