I got some bug with print

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    help me pls, i just want to try print some procol but it's not work on vivaldi ....
    window7 32bit

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    Printing is buggy. Save the page as a screenshot and print from your graphics viewer.

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    @nickcuateu And does it not print at all on your printer or do you mean the preview is broken?

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    yes, when i print, it's all black ... i need to use another brower just to print !
    can i fix it on vivaldi ??

  • The broken error has been appearing for a few months ... every time I try to print

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    @nickcuateu Using another browser may be the best solution if you want to print several pages, but for a single page, or a selected area of a page, using the camera icon to take a screenshot and printing from an image viewer uses less ink and focuses on the information that you actually need.

  • Nickcuateu - Funny you should post this issue. I (and others) have been complaining about print bugs for about 9 months now. I just came back to check to see if any progress has been made. Guess not. Never gets fixed!!!

    Using another browser for a fundamental function like printing is giving up. Sad because Vivaldi has so much promise, and I wish it well!

    Anyway, it occurred to me to check the processes when printing (for me that means save to a pdf).

    I checked Vivaldi, Opera, Chrome. Vivaldi is the only browser that shows two processes related to printing:
    0_1563154049083_Vivaldi pdf process.JPG
    0_1563154067066_Vivaldi pdf process2.JPG

    Here is Opera:
    0_1563154092576_Opera pdf process.JPG

    Here is the Chrome browser:
    0_1563154110349_Chrome pdf process.JPG

    Why the difference? Could these two processes running in Vivaldi sometimes be in conflict thereby causing print bugs?

  • @beansandfranks

    My periodic check-in to see if the print spooling issue ever gets fixed. If it did, it would make Vivaldi a GREAT all-around browser useful for research (when you have to print or use the save to pdf function) as well as general browsing.

    I did a search. Could find nothing new on this bug.

    Still waiting...

    There is a fine line between advancing features and fixing bugs such that it does not frustrate users to to the point of abandonment.

    I'm pulling for you guys.

    --- Frustrated Fan

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    @beansandfranks You get black pages, too?
    With which Vivaldi version, which Windows version and which printer driver?
    Did you had reported the bug in bug tracker?

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