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  • I'm sure this is somewhere, but I cannot find it / figure it out. If one has set search for both the start page and Address bar, it seems like we should be able to set 2 default search engines depending on which we used. Why else have two places a few inches apart? But I can't figure out how to do it. I normally use DuckDuckGo, but am finding Yippy interesting. So, I'd like to set yippy as the default in one place and ddg in the other, but can't figure it out. - I have set shortcuts of d and y for each, so I can quickly switch from one to the other, but if there are two spots, it must be possible to set two different defaults.

    I feel a little about the young boy whose parent thought he was dysfunctionally optimistic, so threw him in a barn full of manure. After 5 hours they opened the doors and he was happy. When they asked him why he was happy, he said, "With this much manure, there must be a horse in here somewhere."

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    @steveshank At present, only one default search engine is possible, everywhere. Though there are multiple interfaces to employ search, there can only be a single default engine just now.

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    You can have two different engines, but only separated by Normal Window & Private Window.

  • Enabling the Show search field in Address Bar, and Keep Last Selected Search Engine, you can actually have 2 different search fields at the same time, one in Address field and the Search Field, which will have always the last selected one.

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    @iAN-CooG This is true. If you wish to always use a certain engine in the search box, you can set it to remember last-used, so long as you don't switch to another, because then you'd have to remember to switch it back.

  • @Ayespy
    Thanks so much for the info. I was the optimistic little boy! So, I'll continue to use the easiest quick search keys of any browser I know. Just a single letter and a space, no special character I always forget. Thanks. Just stopped showing the search bar in the start page, no use for it.

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