Security suggestions

  • 1)Encrypted browser history and encrypted browser history cleaning
    2) 4096 locally made encryption in the browser it self
    3) dns over tLs can be supported
    4) encrypted 4096 browser passcode
    5) inbuilt browser security health check report icon should be visible to the user
    6) if the health check report is worst the browser should reset with 4096 encryption automatically with user notification and warning
    7) while opening the browser update should pop up after click update only user can able to browser
    😎 browser updation can be digitally verficed
    9) block chrome extension download
    10)you can use your own setting page not use chrome setting page in back ground
    11) health check icon can give security level of every site and what information other site take information can be given
    12) flash can be removed completely no peper flash also
    13)sleep mode the tab if tab not in uses
    14) chrome inbuilt pdf option can be removed
    15) only tls1.3 should be supported
    16) password manager and browser local data in every pc should be 4096 encryption
    17) automatically browser cleaning option can be given every 1 week to 30 days option can be given
    18 ) phone otp verfication while downloading the browser can be given
    19) thirdy party site for downloading vivaladi browser can be avoided
    20) security report collection can be done by vivaladi no chrome that security report option cannot be disabled.
    21) user your own internet options settings instead of using windows internet options

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