How to disable "tab cycling"

  • Hello, is there a way to disable "tab cycling" (I have no better word for it, sorry) when pointing on a tab in the tab bar? And: is there anything like a manual for Vivaldi? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Jochen

  • I'm unsure what you mean. Your tabs shouldn't start cycling just because you hover over a tab. Do you mean the tab preview? This can be disabled by unchecking "show popup thumbnails" in tab settings.

    And no, I don't think there is a real manual yet, just the keyboard cheat sheet, but you can find all the information you need on the forums.

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    The OP is talking about scroll wheel tab switching. And no, there's no option to disable it yet.

  • Hello,

    I was a little bit unclear about the problem, I think. When I hover the mouse button over a tab in the tab bar, I get a small preview of the contents of this tab (which is what I want), but at the same time in the main window all other open tabs are cyclically being previewed – which is what I don't want. 😉 The speed of this cycling is really, really rapid; I don't know what it could be good for ...
    (There is no scroll wheel involved!)


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    Well, I'm puzzled whether it's the preview popup that cycles really fast or if it's the main view that cycles. Regardless of which option, it's obviously a bug. Maybe a bug with the trackpad gestures everybody seems to be experiencing.

  • Hi,

    it's the main view.

    BTW, I use no trackpad (it is disabled on my MacBook when I use a mouse; and the mouse is a "traditional" one, without the ability of swiping).

    Best wishes

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    Well, it should not happen, at least the last time I tested on Mac this did not happen. Maybe you can try with a clean profile.

    I don't know where Vivaldi stores it on Mac, but you can just rename the old directory (to not lose your bookmarks and stuff) so Vivaldi will create a new profile.

  • I don't know how I didn't notice this before. Yet tonight it seems EVERY time I try to scroll down the page I'm viewing somehow my cursor is over the tabs, and instead of scrolling the page, I'm scrolling between tabs of different pages.

    I would really love to suppress this functionality. Sorry for my Ludite reaction, but this is annoying.



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