OWA emails and opening attachments

  • Does Vivaldi support access to Microsoft Exchange OWA emails ?

    If so, can Vivaldi open JPEG email attachments without downloading them ?

  • Ambassador

    @vivaldibegin No browser can open email attachments without downloading them.

    Most browsers save such files in a temporary folder, but Vivaldi may save them in the Downloads folder.

  • I have been able to automatically open JPEG file attachments using IE on a colleague's Windows laptop. Similarly, I have used Iceweasel (a firefox-esr type browser) in a similar way.

    Is it true that, in the above cases, both IE and Iceweasel download the JPEG
    files to a temporary location before opening them ?

    Opera automatically downloads JPEG attachments to the Downloads folder and does not open them. I was under the impression that Vivaldi kept to early Opera functions and did not lose them as Opera seems to have done. I was hoping that one of those functions is to automatically open JPEG email attachments, but you have doubts about that.

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