Password manager of form autofill feature does not remember any password

  • Even though the "form autofill" feature is active, and "saving web passwords" is enabled just as well, Vivaldi TP4 does not remember the passwords entered in forms, it does not even display the popup dialog for whether I want to save any when I filled a form with a password field and submitted it. Non-password fields do contain some content in dropdown lists when I click into them once. Any idea how to fix that? BTW, the hidden address to expose Chrome internal configuration options – [u]vivaldi://chrome/settings/search#pass[/u] – is annoyingly complicated.

  • Sorry, that was rather snapshot I had already installed to fix an issue related to the Downloads panel and the ENTER key in the URL bar.

    With snapshot, the password issue seems to be fixed.

  • Thank You very much!!


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