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    This experimental feature can be enabled in vivaldi://experiments. What do others think about it?

    0_1562562706047_Find in Page Highlight.png

    On finding the next search result, a second copy of the search string animates below the result on the page.

    I think it would be better if it just animated the search result in its original location. I tried different webpage zoom levels. My current default is 120%

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    @Pesala This feature is still under development and is disabled because the underlying hack for this cute effect causes some weird (and serious) performance regressions on some systems.

    I also personally don't (currently) find this feature very useful. If I have a lot of search results and/or the match is on text that is not visible on the page, I end up missing the "blink" before my eyes find the search hit on the page.

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    @xyzzy said in Styled Find in Page:

    This feature is still under development

    That goes without saying, but perhaps it is useful to offer some feedback on the direction that its development should take?

    The Preference Editor in old Opera lets the user choose the colours. That is useful.

  • @Pesala Absolutely want the ability to choose my highlight colors! People with color vision problems can easily miss even blinking bits if they don't happen to contrast for them .

    Another suggestion would be something like the bullseye that Windows puts around the cursor when you press the Ctrl-key. I often search pages where one of the supposedly found instances is just invisible. I can't tell if it is some hidden text, or under some popup element or what... Knowing where Vivaldi thinks it is located on the page would save a lot of fruitless searching. While trying to exaggerate the found but invisible word might remain invisible.

  • This is how it looks for me:
    In my opinion they should change this very short animation to 3 pulses in 3 seconds or something, maybe even more popping out than it currently is in the experiment.

    I disagree, even people who can only see black and white can see this combination of colors. It is much better to improve the 'hit' animation, because humans are really good at detecting movement. Remember Where's Wally?

  • @greenenemy Yes, that example is quite visible. But try tiny type on a complex "fashionable" web page with stuff blinking and videos autorunning and colored backgrounds and pale type - on a huge 3000x2000 screen. It would be quite easy to miss that blink. Three would be better, but why not continuous? And please let those of us with special needs choose our own bright colors instead of soft pink and yellow.

  • I like it. So far seems to work okay, in v3.1.

    One small visual problem: the text is blurry while it animates.

    I too wouldn't mind being able to configure the colors/CSS, and the degree of darkening.
    For example, in Opera 12 the focused text is also surrounded by a stylized border, which helps make it stand out even more.

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