Private Message from not existing user?

  • Yesterday a message dropped into my conversation's inbox. The first thing I was taken aback by was the fact I got this message twice at the same time. Clicking onto the avatar of the sender opens the page 'about:blank'. Searching for the name doesn't bring up any results. Now my suspicion is not only the message to be spam but the sender to be a machine. Are there any suggestions how to deal with this phenomenon?

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    It was probably a spammer phishing for new victims.
    If they get reported quick enough and the admin get to it quickly, then all you will find is a dead or missing profile.

    I reported a user yesterday, so hopefully they are also gone.
    Here is the generic message I received;

    I have read your profile some minutes ago ? and I think you are a nice person. Can we get in contact for a chance to discuss an important issue? & we can share great experiences together, I am waiting for your answer to Vivianaisatou @

    Best regards,

    The usual clues are there;

    1. Open with a compliment on your profile and personality
    2. Make it seem important that contact happens
    3. Allude to promises of a happy, wealth future or love-life
    4. Move the easy convenient conversation in PMs, to emails or a different network.
    5. The whole thing is cut and paste generic text.

    This one is short enough not to degenerate into bad grammar, so avoids that, except for the ? indicating that they have no idea if the looked at a profile or how long ago it was.
    I am guessing it is European or Russian (the gmx email is also a clue there).
    Spammers from Africa tend to call you "Dear" and refer to God, Jesus or the church at some point, and try so hard to write English like an imaginary English person from American films, that it reads like nonsense.

  • Thank you for your reply!

    Your received message is verbatim the same I got.

    As long as such messages drop in only sporadically we can just delete it. :)

  • My ability to report users is lost and has been for some time. I can't get any good help on this problem. I can report abusers in the blog but that is all.


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