Cache Location

  • EASY way to move the cache.

    I have a significant RAMdisk, and FireFox made this so easy with the about:config system. In searching these forums, it's talking about VSS and symlink - I don't want to have to re-program my browser... I just want to dictate where the cache goes.

  • @Viridel Having this in the settings will be nice.
    In the meantime, can be made appending a flag on a vivaldi shortcut.

  • I join to this request. I have 32 gigabytes of RAM and embedded ssd. And there is a system one, which is a bit worse, and from Intel, which I installed later in the service and which is much better. In Firefox, in a couple of minutes, I transferred the cache to a higher-quality ssd, and then turned it off completely, specifying that only RAM be used for the cache. It is very convenient! I understand that i can be paranoid and it's not much prolong the life of ssd, but somehow I feel so calmer. I understand that it can be paranoid and not much prolong the life of ssd, but somehow I feel so calmer. As a result, with the new laptop I had to move to the Firefox. = (

    And yes, the shortcut with the command for chromium is very inconvenient, and the cache will be written to the default location every time when the browser is launched by an external application without this shortcut.

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