Vivaldi browser on Google Play Store? {app is not Vivaldi}

  • @Folgore101 It looks good indeed, but what puts me off is the lacking sync. Kinda silly to bring this forward when Vivaldi has no sync to mobile, but I'm not willing to use 2 different mobile browsers, while on the desktop I'm making this concession for years.

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    @luetage The mobile version of Vivaldi will surely have synchronization, after all the work done on the desktop version can not be otherwise. Then we'll have to evaluate the other functions if they satisfy the users, after all we are very demanding.

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    @Folgore101 said in Vivaldi browser on Google Play Store? {app is not Vivaldi}:

    The mobile version of Vivaldi will surely have synchronization


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    There will be a Vivaldi for Android. We have spent a lot of time and effort on sync and there's no reason not to take that effort to Android and tie up your desktop and mobile device the Vivaldi way. So stay tuned a little bit longer!

  • You guys misunderstood me. I'm well aware that there will be a Vivaldi mobile version and of course it will have sync – introducing mobile without sync would be madness. I just stated the obvious – the current desktop Vivaldi browser can't sync to any mobile browser and that's obviously deflecting many users from even trying Vivaldi. Just like the Via browser would never be an option for myself because of the lack of sync. Honestly, if I had known Vivaldi would take that long to finish sync, mobile and email client, I might have never started using it in the first place. The everlasting promise of "coming soon" and "stay tuned" is what has kept most users on the edge, but it's also a very bad practice.

    Meanwhile Firefox will come out with a new mobile browser, probably this year. Current Firefox for Android is pretty bad in my opinion, but the previews I have tried so far are promising. And yes, that's the better way to keep the community attached to your products – open source development on github and preview releases on the play store for everyone to try.


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