Bookmarks getting synced but not showing up

  • I have a large number of imported bookmarks that I can't seem to manage in Vivaldi . I know they are present as:

    1. They show up in type ahead
    2. If I export my bookmarks from Vivaldi I can see them in the html file
    3. If I look at Vivaldi://sync I see the total # of bookmarks sync.

    When I view bookmarks via the manager in Vivaldi they are not there. If I search for them in the bookmark manager I get no hits (even though I can search the HTML file and see them).

    Any ideas on how to properly manage the bookmarks not showing up?

    Thanks for any ideas!

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    @demoniac Bookmarks saved as "other bookmarks" in the Chromium storage format are not visible in Vivaldi. If you imported a file that has Chrome-style "other bookmarks," You won't see these. If you move a Chrome bookmarks file into Vivaldi, the "other bookmarks" won't show up. Could it be this is happening to you?

    Are you expecting all of your bookmarks to show up on the bookmarks bar, or are you using the bookmarks panel or bookmark management page?

  • Hi @Ayespy, yes, I suspect that's exactly what's happening. I was not aware of that limitation. I'll see about other ways to import them in.

    Thanks for the quick info!

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    @demoniac I suspect that if you deleted the "other bookmarks" heading in the HTML exported file (using a text editor that can handle HTML) and any spacers between that folder and whatever's above it, and then imported the file, the bookmarks would suddenly be visible, and you could move them where you like.

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