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  • If you look at windows 10 Task Manager you'll find that Vivaldi update notifier has a high impact in System Startup. No other main stream browser has that effect.

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    @malanje But what is the issue now for you? Is the startup of Windows now very slow?

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    @malanje On my Win 10 i checked Windows Task Manager, impact on startup is shown as Medium.

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    I have deactivated it, saving some resources. It is not essential, since it is enough to look from time to time if there is an update available that can be downloaded.

  • @Gwen-Dragon Not an issue, but I wonder why this isn't the case with Chrome, Opera and EdgeDev. Any way I have deactivated the update notifier and check manually for updates. (edit: changed IeDev to EdgeDev)

  • a good alternative is to add the snapshot news as rss feed, at least if you have an rss extension or a other rss reader

  • This is one of the things I hope the Vivaldi devs soon decide to integrate into the browser so it only checks on browser start.

    Well-behaved software does not add itself to the auto-runs unless the user is explicitly asked. Doing so is an indication of pure arrogance from developers; thinking their little piece of software is so important of course it needs to auto-load on startup. In Vivaldi's case I can forgive it for now, as they have inherited these things from Chrom(e)ium but I hope they remove it soon. Until then I will keep checking manually.

    Every time I'm tasked to help my parents with their PC who has become "slow", I often have to remove lots of these little shits that insist on adding themselves on startup.

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    The startup is the first thing to look at if the PC is slow, but not only programs, but also services where many of them are unnecessary. It is not necessary to load drivers for non-existent peripherals (digitizing tablets, second monitor, etc ... Windows by default loads all the drivers)

  • I only accept essential software to be loaded at startup. Vivaldi update notifier is not on this lot. I only noticed it because there was a need to open the task manager. Did not know that the browser had "decided" to put something on system startup. It is not acceptable.

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    @malanje said in Vivaldi update notifier:

    @Gwen-Dragon Not an issue, but I wonder why this isn't the case with Chrome, Opera and EdgeDev. Any way I have deactivated the update notifier and check manually for updates. (edit: changed IeDev to EdgeDev)

    They creates a Task.

    Look at there.

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    The thread Update notifier in task manager suggests that disabling Vivaldi SettingsUpdatesNotify About Updates still notifies the user about updates when they start the browser, but disables "Vivaldi update notifier" which runs on Windows startup. From the settings window alone, it's ambiguous about what this "Notify" setting actually changes. As of 2.9.1705.41, I've confirmed the setting disables the Windows startup task, but it's not clear to me whether I'll still get a notification when I start the browser the next time an update is available.

    I suggest changing the setting from just "Notify About Updates", to the less ambiguous "Notify About Updates On System Startup". Or if this setting actually blocks all update notifications even when the browser is running, then leave the "Notify About Updates" setting as-is, and add a second setting called "Notify About Updates On System Startup".

    As an aside, my ideal browser would match what @LigH said in Update notifier in task manager:

    I don't mind being reminded about available updates when I start Vivaldi (thus I was afraid to disable this option), but I don't need a service running when the browser is closed.

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    So I just found out about the 2.10.1745.23 update (am currently running 2.10.1745.21). It's been about two weeks since that update released, so it seems the Notify About Updates disables all notifications even when starting the browser.

    This means that for now, one has to choose between:

    • Never get update notifications
    • Enable update notifications and also get Vivaldi update notifier process running on every Windows startup

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    @ukanuk That looks accurate to me.

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