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  • Bonjour, Je démarre sur Vivaldi, pouvez-vous me dire comment vider le cache du navigateur ? Merci de vos réponses. Pepito62 😉

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    @Bing Translate:

    I am new to Vivaldi, can you tell me how to empty the browser's cache? Thank you for your answers.

    There is a French forum. A moderator may move this thread for you, or you can post here in English or use the French forum next time.

    Try Ctrl + Shift + Delete to clear private data.

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    After clearing private data, the dialogue closes leaving an otherwise blank tab that just says:


    It it would be better to automatically close this tab, or at least use it to provide some information to the user, e.g.

    Private Data was removed and nnn Kbytes of drive space were recovered.

  • Better still would be to close all open tabs and open the speed dial tab. Or home page. As old Opera did.

    Adding a setting to clear upon closing Vivaldi would be nice as well.


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