It’s time to customize UserAgent

  • This is a copy of my note for Brave Community. Some of its aspects are not relevant to Vivaldi (for example, if you work on Vivaldi you can just use sidebar and web panels to open mobile version of popular websites). But for some reason this could be useful for Vivaldi users too. Yep, I'm talking primarily about Google's services.

    I have some simple, but very useful ideas:

    • Add the ability to customize UserAgent (like on Maxthon)
    • Add samples for UserAgent settings (Brave, Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Mobile, etc.)
    • Add presets for some websites (for example, make Instagram think that I’m using a mobile browser)
    • Give us the ability to select UserAgent for specific websites (for example, Opera Mini for Instagram and Chrome for Google’s services)

    Why I think it will be useful for many users:

    1. Some website have a cool mobile version. For example, if you use Instagram on mobile browser, you can upload photos and write messages. Why do almost all browsers still work only with desktop versions of websites? Just give us a choice!
    2. Some website “does not work” with the browser. Sometimes it’s really true, but very often you can just change UserAgent to see that the website can be opened on your browser. This “crutches” can fix many problems.
    3. Sometimes it can be useful for developers. For example, if I need to see how my website will work on different browsers, I can just switch UserAgent. If in doubt, just try Maxthon.

    By the way, there’re not so many ways to use mobile websites on PC today:

    Don’t underestimate the power of Instagram and Google!

  • A simple interface for switching user agent either in settings, or the UI, is useful in any case. Personally I think it would be enough to let us set the UA freely just by input – examples need to be kept up to date, which could be a hassle.

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